About Rapid Collections

About Rapid Collections

Created To Redesign & Streamline The Way Collections Are Managed.

Founded in 2003. Many companies around the world are faced with protecting their image while also trying to improve their cash collections. Rapid Collections was formed to offer solutions to eliminate these areas of concerns.

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After 20 plus years in collections, Rapid Collections earned a first-class reputation in their field. They are recognized as a leading commercial debt recovery provider, both domestically and internationally. Financial Services Review Magazine recognized them as one of the Top 10 Debt Collection Agencies of 2022. Rapid Collections boasts a 95% success rate while handling over 600 million dollars in collections a year. Clients benefitting from Rapid Collections services include mid-size companies to companies included in the Forbes 500.

Robert Barger

- CEO of rapid collections

Rapid Collections LLC, Our History

Rapid Collections was founded in February of 2003. This firm was created for a specific purpose, which was to redesign and change the way collections are done. Many companies around the world are faced with protecting their image while also trying to improve their cash collections. Rapid Collections was formed to offer solutions to eliminate these areas of concerns.
The President and CEO of Rapid Collections, Robert Barger, previously managed Accounts Receivable for one of the largest PR firms in the world with revenues exceeding $400M annually. He knew exactly what creative approach was required to effectively improve cash collections, while protecting client investments and relationships. Mr. Barger, who holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Webster University decided to leverage his business and education knowledge, along with his innovative solutions to collections to help the entire PR industry build and repair each client relationship while improving the cash collection process.
It was then, he aligned himself with longtime business colleague, Scott Hastie, who holds a Bachelors from Central Missouri State University, who became a Partner and COO of Rapid Collections. Mr. Hastie has extensive knowledge in the areas of contracts, legal process, corporate evaluations, detailed reporting and overall management of client relationships. Utilizing both backgrounds of each partner to the fullest, the foundation of the firm was developed. The mission of the firm is to always protect our clients image at all times, stay inspired by ideas, empowered by knowledge and adapt to change by a greater understanding of our clients industry.
The global PR firm, headquartered in St. Louis, MO where Robert Barger worked, took full advantage of the capabilities of Rapid Collections from day one of the business. It was only a few short months when the St. Louis Post-Dispatch decided to write an article on the new debt management process Rapid Collections had developed.
Over the years, Rapid Collections has continued to outperform and has never lost a client. The areas of expertise are no longer just for Marketing, PR and Advertising, but has been applied to all businesses around the world that want to improve their debt management process. Our services continue to expand, following the needs of our clients. Rapid Collections not only collects past due accounts, but also helps with the entire debt management process, from training through webinars, seminars, on-site training, group training, one-on-one training, temporary A/R calls (calling on behalf of each agency), consulting, operating system evaluation to help leverage all data with collections, legal representation and outsourcing, which includes all services. Our global team includes consultants, collection agents, paralegals and attorneys that reach across the U.S., Canada, EMEA and the Pacific Rim, covering 27 different languages.
With the commitment of the management team and staff around the world, we continuously monitor and take the necessary steps to improve our internal organization so our services performed are parallel with the economy and restructuring changes from our clients. The result of our ongoing restructuring plan continues to be positive. Our growth has shown to be strong as we continue to improve our profitability and increase revenue for our clients. As part of this endeavor, we have increased our selectivity when accepting contracts, only participating in projects where we can meet or exceed the clients’ expectations and effectively utilize our services. We expect that these efforts will also enhance profitability and value creation as we move forward.
Recognized as one of Financial Services Review Magazine’s Top 10 Debt Collection Agencies of 2022, we are one of the few companies worldwide that can manage the entire collection process, from planning and restructuring, as well as providing long-term added value in ongoing operations and modernization. Our approach is based on working with clients individually, tailoring our process to satisfy their specific requirements. Protecting our client’s image is always first. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and project management experience which has led us to expand our knowledge and deepen our collection parameters, resulting in our ability to provide unparallel cash flow results for our clients. We enjoy exceeding our client’s expectations and strive to develop long-term business relationships in which we become true partners.
Another competitive differentiator for Rapid Collections is our ability to offer our clients highly sophisticated business solutions. Our technological capabilities are opening up further opportunities for growth, taking us into new and exciting markets. We are well-positioned to grow and adapt to the demands of an ever-changing business environment.

As the world before us evolves, we see many opportunities to better serve our clients. Our vision is to remain focused on excellence to provide advanced collection solutions for each of our clients. Every asset, our strong management team, dedicated staff, optimized corporate structure, superior technological expertise and comprehensive knowledge is leveraged to ensure that Rapid Collections remains ready to face future challenges. We look forward to future opportunities to continue proving our collection process is unique and effective by seeking mutually beneficial alliances with each new client.

top debt collection agency 2022 award

Rapid Collections has provided the extra power we needed to get some traction on reaching our financial goals and it has been a pleasure working along side them.

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Jarika Anderson


We have had the pleasure of working with Rapid Collections since 2008. They are leaders in their field. They are results oriented and conduct business with the highest standards of professionalism.

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Hampton Carney

CEO of Paul Wilmot Communications

Our trusted partnership with UPG goes back many years and we are very thankful for their professional service and relationship.

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Stephanie Watson, CPA

Rapid Collections

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